HGIS Version 9.52 Download and Activate
See release notes at bottom.
HGIS.exe Updated to "V9.52" with New Attribute Browser "v4.2" (Dec. 2011)

HGIS Version 10 is recommended for Windows 7 and 8.

(Step 1) Click to view HGIS Supported Platforms

Click to view the HGIS Manual - Manual is available from any HGIS menu.  Tap the "?" ICON.

(Step 2) Look at the last 5 letters in your Unlock (Registration) Code (where X is any character) 

Last 5 characters in Unlock Code:
-x?xxx  ? L, N, P, Q, R, S, or T

 Recommend HGIS V10
Last 5 characters in Unlock Code:
-x?xxx  ? = K, L, M, N, P,  or Q,

Run this HGIS Version.
Last 5 characters in Unlock Code:
-x?xxx  ?= A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or H
Purchase a version upgrade (and 1 year support) at:

Please purchase an Upgrade
 to the latest version.

(Step 3) To Install HGIS on your computer
, select a download at right.


Windows 7, Vista
(also Win 8, XP)
 HGIS Setup9.exe  (Run this file on Windows 7, Vista)

Windows Mobile
5.x and 6.x
(On handheld, 
Start... Settings... System... About...
Windows CE OS:
 4.1, 5.1, 5.2
HGIS CE9.cab      (Do Not run this file on Windows 7, Vista, XP)
Flash Card - Save file to memory card on desktop/laptop,
Move memory card to Handheld, run this file on Handheld.
Microsoft ActiveSync - Right Click, Save to Disk. Browser may say: Save Target As. (Some desktop computers show file as a folder). Just copy file or folder to Handheld (will appear as a file).  Run on handheld.
WiFi - Download file and run on handheld (WM 6 and later).

Run HGIS after install to Activate.

Enter Unlock Code
Purchase code from your HGIS dealer.
Code is not case sensitive, and easier to enter on Handheld in lower case.
Dashes optional.

  Get Machine ID
Looks like this
This identifies the individual computer.
StarPal's Web Activation Server tracks all computers running HGIS.

Get Activation Code
 Looks like this:

With Unlock code and Machine ID, go to www.starpal.com/Activate/HGIS.php
Your license allows HGIS to be installed on 2 different computers belonging to one user, as long as both copies of HGIS are not used at the same time (I can have HGIS on my handheld, and on my desktop computer, but I cannot loan out my handheld and then use HGIS on my desktop computer). Or use the second Activation as your spare, activate it only when you need it.

Release Notes:

Dec 25, 2011 HGIS Version 9.52 + Attribute Browser Version 4.2
If there is a drop-down menu in the upper right of the Attribute Table, click the dropdown menu to see browser version.
If there is no drop-down menu on the Browser, click the above link to get the newest version.
Touchscreen Vertical Scroll Attributes, easier than Scrollbar (to view Attributes on Windows Mobile).
Added Per-Layer "On-The-Go" default Attributes, to simplify repeated Attribute Values.
Fixed bug with Picklist Editor if Default Value is not in Template-Picklist.
Allow user to use Picklist for MZONE_ID
Newer Trimble TDS Nomad and HTC-HD2. Fix QVGA Emulation bug in Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 29xxx.

Sept 8, 2010 Version 9.52
Juniper Systems Allegro - Changed soft keyboard to not display on Handheld Computers with landscape format display (240 pixel high).
"New From Template" Menu - fixed bug with CANCEL.

March 23, 2010 Version 9.51
RTK Users - New Distance/Area Info  (see Manual Appendix to get best accuracy with your DGPS).
(HGIS logs the accuracy of your GPS, 2 centimeters or 5 meters, no change.  New "distance info" better than 0.5 meter in 1 kilometer.

Low cost GPS, and sub-meter GPS users may not see a difference with this update. RTK users will see improved distance accuracy.)
Updated Magnetic Declination Model ("World Magnetic Model 2010")

February 20, 2010 Version 9.50
(One Button) "Find and Start GPS" automatically detects COM Ports, Baud Rate, Protocol and Starts your GPS.
(Useful when Windows re-assigns GPS COM Ports, or other software changes Protocol in your GPS; and you don't know what happened.)
Added support for COM1 to COM96 (Windows 7, Vista, and XP), and COM1 to COM32 (Windows Mobile).
New "Print to File" creates JPG files from the screen. (Or use FREE PDF Writers such as PDF995 to "Print to PDF files").
Fixed Bug importing old format style ESRI PRJ files from other software.
Fixed Bug with Samsung S3C2443 firmware WM6.1 (Trimble Juno and internal GPS in SIRF mode).

Fixed Bugs "Print to Printer" (Error Scaling Image Files), and "Print to JPG File" (Some Print Georeference JGC files were incorrect).
Fixed Bug with Windows Mobile 6.5 New Soft Keyboard (0xFF10 Key and Home Key - Start Menu appeared to hang WM6.5).
Fixed Bug with
Windows Mobile 6.5 with HGIS Help File (Older versions of HGIS cannot open Help File in Pocket IE on WM6.5).

November 2009 Version 9.43
Full support for 7 Image Formats: JPG, SID, ECW, JP2(JPEG2000), ECWP, BMP, and Paste DIB(e.g. Google Earth, Photoshop,...).
SID unlimited size Open (Now 10x faster. previously used slow Lizardtech utilities.  No utilities to download.)
Tested with 1.6 Terrapixel images, hundreds of miles across
Save Detail View(DOQ) from SID Images in ECW, JP2, or JPG format for use on Handheld.(SID not supported directly on handheld.)
Lossless Saves available for images / Detail Views (NO PIXEL DEGRADATION when resaving images in HGIS JP2 format).
View ECW/JP2 images fast -- ECW / JP2 now 5-10 times faster than JPG on the handheld (for images greater than 100 MPixel).
Images from the web on your laptop. Start GPS, and download free Landsat 7 images from Image Web Server (ECWP).
"Copy" and "Paste" DIB Images from Google Earth, Photoshop, Paint, and other image applications.
Fixed bug with "Microsoft GPS Manager" Windows Mobile 6.1 [Still don't recommend Microsoft GPS Manager on WM6.1].

July 2009 Version 9.30
Preliminary ECW and JPEG-2000 Images (ECW, J2K, and JP2) support.
Fixed bug with geo-registration of JPG Images, and saving of Corner Files.
Fixed bug with New Contour Layer (smoothing).
Fixed bug with some UTM Worldfile Images displaying incorrectly.
Fixed bug with Switchbox when using GPS Autobaud feature.
Windows...Control Panel...Add/Remove Programs now handles multiple versions of HGIS at same time.

November 2008 V9.21
Automatically detects GPS protocol (NMEA, SIRF, and TSIP).
Radar view of GPS Satellites showing quality of satellite view in each direction.
Support PRJ for JPG Image file (Unnecessary for user to know UTM zone of image if JGW+PRJ file found).
Warning if user enters UTM zone for image that doesn't match GPS zone.

New API for programmers - add Picklists, Picklist Editors, Browsers, and User Defined Forms (see below).
Fixed bug in Windows Vista SP1 which may cause HGIS v9.00 to stop working.
Fixed bug in Windows XP SP1 (which Microsoft also fixed in SP2) where HGIS didn't display Attributes.
Fixed bug in Windows Mobile 6 with Show Start Menu crawling.
Fixed bug in TDS Nomad Firmware v1.0.2 that could freeze with Bluetooth GPS.

April 2008 V9.00:
GPS Backtrack menu to Erase, or Resume drawing from recent GPS locations.
Spports all legally adopted TM-SPCS ("Transverse Mercator-State Plane Coordinate Systems", more than 70)
Added Dualem EC meter support for Temperature and Slope.

HGIS Image Enhancement (X-Fine) reduces compression artifacts, brings out detail in your existing images.
Top image from US Government Image Server. Bottom is the same image viewed in
Enhanced Image

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