HGIS version 10.23 (released Feb 27, 2014)
 Supported Hardware
(Step 1) Recommend Tablets, Laptops, Handhelds, and Smartphones:
PLATFORMOperating System
Windows 7 Tablets and Laptops
highly recommended.
Windows 6.1

Handhelds & Smartphones -
Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5
All Windows
CE OS 5.2
Windows 8 PRO (see review)
Windows Vista

Windows 6.2,
Windows 6.0
Support untill March 2014 *
 * Windows XP drop dead date.
Windows XP SP3,
Windows Mobile 5
Windows 5.1,
CE OS 5.1
NOT Currently Supported:
Windows 8 RT (see link),  Surface RT
Windows RT
NOT Currently Supported:
Windows Phone (Windows Embedded)
(Some users report running HGIS on
Windows Embedded CE OS 5.2.)
CE OS 6.0
CE OS 7.0
NOT Currently Supported:Android OS, Apple iOS

(Step 2) Check the last 5 letters in your Unlock (Registration) Code (where x is any character) 
HGIS Registration / Unlock Code ends:
-xNxxx   -xRxxx     HGIS GPS PRO
-xQxxx   -xTxxx     HGIS GPS PLUS
-xPxxx   -xSxxx      HGIS GPS BASIC
-xLxxx       HGIS LAB PRO
and run
this HGIS
( OLD) Unlock code ends in:
-xAxxx, -xBxxx, -xCxxx, -xDxxx
, -xExxx
-xFxxx , -xGxxx , -xHxxx , -xKxxx , -xMxxx
Purchase Version
Upgrade and 1 year
support US$199

No Code needed.

(Step 3) Install and Activate HGIS on your computer

7, 8,
Vista (XP)
 HGIS Win10.exe  Run this HGIS setup file on Windows 7, 8, Vista, (XP) as Administrator.
(You do not need any Windows Compatibility Modes with HGIS.)

Windows Mobile 
6.1 - 6.5,
and 5
Windows CE OS
5.1 - 5.2

   HGIS CE10.cab         (Do not run this file on Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP)
Flash Card - Save file to memory card on desktop/laptop,
Move memory card to Handheld, open file on Handheld.
Microsoft Mobile Device Center (or ActiveSync 4.5) - Right Click, Save to Disk. Browser may say: Save Target As. (Some desktop computers show file as a folder). Just copy file or folder to Handheld (will appear as a file).  Run on handheld.
WiFi Connection - Download file using Handheld Browser and run on handheld.

Run HGIS after install is complete. This allows you to Activate HGIS.

Enter Unlock Code
Purchase code from your HGIS dealer.
Code is not case sensitive, may be easier to enter in lower case.
Dashes not required.

  Get Machine ID
Looks like this
This identifies your specific computer.
StarPal's Web Activation Server tracks all computers running HGIS.

Get Activation Code
 Looks like this:

With Unlock code and Machine ID, go to www.starpal.com/Activate/HGIS.php
Your license allows HGIS to be installed on 2 different computers belonging to one user, as long as both copies of HGIS are not used at the same time (I can have HGIS on my handheld, and on my desktop computer, but I cannot loan out my handheld and then use HGIS on my desktop computer). Or keep the second Activation as your spare, activate it only when you need it.

Release Notes:

V10.23 February 27, 2014

(bugfix) Edit: Unpaired Cut/Paste operations (while switching Toolbox mode).
(bugfix) KML files (Polygon Transparency and Grid Layers).
(improved) MIF files. Polyline import from non-standard GIS Apps.
(improved) Polygon fill on Windows Mobile 6.5
(improved) Automatically update Image Georeference (Corner) files on Exit.

V10.22 December 9, 2013
(feature) Works with Google Earth (Import and Export KML files).
(improved) Import non-standard MID/MIF files from other Applications.
(bugfix)  Fix InfoTool to display slope of 2 node lines.
(bugfix) Support boundary object transparency in Profile .STC files and Default Menus.

V10.20 November 2013
(feature) SensorTrack Data Acquisition of 1-10 Analog Channels at 1-20 Hz (using 232SDA12 Converter).
(bugfix) Add back optional Toolboxes (MultiSelect, ...) to HGIS PLUS ( were in HGIS PLUS V9).
(bugfix) PRO Wiper Pivot did not draw if full circle (specified pivot length didn't reach field edge). Now it works.
(bugfix) Open HGS Project, then Print To File; used wrong default print directory. Fixed.
(bugfix) Fixed code problem with GEONICS EM31 Sensor (bug was added in V10.00).
(improved) Print to JPG File for Poly-polygon covering Poly-polygon ("Donut overlays Donut").
(improved) Don't fill Grid cells on Windows Mobile (to unhide field boundary on handheld).

V10.19 May 2013
(bugfix) Fix Status Line display to show Distance and Bearing from GPS location to selected target.
(bugfix) Fix problem saving Altitude in HGS Project files.
(feature) New Grid Tool now works with Multi-Select Boundaries (can draw one grid across multiple fields).
(improved) Eliminate extraneous Windows 7 messages during Uninstall / Update / Re-install HGIS.
(compatibility) Import non-standard SHP files from GK Ag Data Mapping Systems.
(alpha feature) HGIS can import KML Placemark-Point files from Google Earth (Points only at this time).

V10.17 April 2013
(bugfix) Fix new Grid Tool to work with interior bounds (example: keep-outs or obstructions).
(bugfix) HGIS GPS PRO fix bug in Contour menu.
(improved) KML files from HGIS redrew transparent lines incorrectly in Google Earth.

V10.16 March 2013
(bugfix) Clean Up menu (PLUS Bow-Tie Polygons, other PRO features).
(bugfix) HGIS PRO SensorTrack AutoFill Attributes bug with DBF/SHP Files.
(bugfix) HGIS PLUS bug in Printer driver.
(improved) ECW Image support in .HGS Project Files.
(feature) PRO SensorTrack support for Dualem 642s with built-in GPS.
(feature) HGIS GPS WIPER PIVOT PRO now fully supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6.x (Although Windows 8 Tablets are much faster.)
(feature) HGIS GPS WIPER PIVOT PRO now supports Multi-Selected Obstructions, and UNDO.  

V10.11 - January 2013
(bugfix) in Make Buffer menu.
(beta feature) HGIS GPS WIPER PIVOT PRO New Wiper Center Pivot Tool (Beta) available for Win7/8 (contact your dealer).
(beta feature) Export KML Files to Google Earth and other Apps (HGIS does not currently import KML).

V10.00 (Beta) - November 2012
V10 can run with Admin or as non-Admin login (HGIS install requires Admin).
New Touchscreen User Interface has Larger Buttons and Menus.
New Grid Tool easier to use with touchscreen, or touchpad.
"StarPal, Inc." signed files
reduce Windows 7 messages during install.

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