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The Geospatial Tool Kit

IPaq displaying remotely sensed crop data with satellite in backgroundOne of the key innovations resulting from On-Target which we now use in all field-based geospatial activities is a surprisingly simple set of tools that bring imagery, GPS and GIS together into one turn-key, field-based, decision support solution, a Geospatial Tool Kit (a Pocket-PC PDA, an inexpensive WAAS-GPS, NASA satellite imagery and/or USGS air photos and topography maps through TerraServer-USA, and simple GIS software) that end users can both obtain and use with relative ease. This entire system costs under $1,000, a cost so low that it can be retained by a workshop participant or their sponsoring agency. This has allowed participants to immediately reinforce the critical cognitive-hardware-software linkages, upon arrival at their homes following a training event.

Training Materials for the Geospatial Tool Kit

Handouts to Support Digital Field Mapping with the Garmin GPSmap 60

  1. Cover Sheet (pdf, 65 KB)
  2. Table of Contents (pdf, 14 KB)
  3. Mapping and GPS Basics (pdf, 429 KB)
  4. DOQ and DRG (pdf, 89 KB)
  5. Using Terraserver-USA (pdf, 218 KB)
  6. Imagery Viewers (pdf, 92 KB)
  7. Imagery Sources (pdf, 286 KB)
  8. PocketPC Basics (pdf, 65 KB)
  9. PocketPC HGIS Tutorial (pdf, 373 KB)
  10. Advanced HGIS (pdf, 42 KB)
  11. Data Collection Templates in HGIS (pdf, 45 KB)
  12. Importing Data to a Desktop GIS (pdf, 117 KB)
  13. Tips for ArcView3x (pdf, 85 KB)
  14. Handheld Specs (pdf, 502 KB)