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(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

HGIS is compatible with most other GIS Applications,
which are compatible with ESRI and MapInfo.

All licenses use the same executable files.
The difference is the unlock code you buy.
(Within 30 days after purchase, you may upgrade
to the next higher license for only the price difference.)

We highly recommend that you purchase
 a complete GPS Mapping System
from one of our HGIS dealers.

You will get a complete GPS Mapping System
that works right out of the box and
the highest level of support possible.
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Supported Platforms:
Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Mobile
5 (through WM 6.9)

Supported File Types:
Open/Save Project (HGS) - Multiple Map Object Layers in 1 file
    (Images not saved in HGS Project files. Images kept separately.)
Open/Save Layer (MIF, SHP, DBF) - Map Objects (Point, Line, Bound, Text)
Open/Save Template / Picklist (TPL)
Configuration Files (STC) - Save User Profile, GPS Configuration, Draw Styles,...
Grid Files (GRD) - Soil Sample Grid Targets (use for Navigation)

Coordinate Systems
     More than 200 (All common WGS84/NAD83, NAD27, GDA94, etc.)
Displays Lat/Lon and UTM in any supported Coordinate System
    Resolution is typically +/- 1 centimeter
    (If your GPS is 10 meter accuracy, then your maps will be 10 meter accuracy.)

Map Objects:
    Point (Location)  -  Symbol,  Point Color, Point Size
    Line (Length, Polyline)  -  Line Color, Line Style
    Boundary (Area, Polygon)  -  Fill Pattern, Fill Color, Line Style, Line Color

    Additional Boundaries: Rectangle, Circle
    Text (with HGS and MIF files)

Basic Grid Tool
    Checkerboard Grid (Soil Sampling), Choose Number of Sample Points
    [HGIS PLUS and PRO have Advanced Grid Tools]

Map Object Info
    Distance, Perimeter, Area - Hectare, Acre, Kilometer, Meter, Mile ...
    Distance/Area Accuracy due to the Earth's ellipsoidal surface:
        Better than < 0.1% depending on latitude and elevation.
      ( accuracy not including GPS accuracy.)
Map Objects may have up to 250 Attributes of the following types:
(Compatible with MapInfo MID, and ESRI DBF files)
    Character (1 to 254 characters)
    Integer - (-2147483647 to 2147483647)
    Floating Number - 9.99 +\- e8 (7 significant digits)
    Decimal Number -  up to 20 digits, 16 after decimal point
    Date dd/mm/yyyy (Y2K compliant)
    Logical -  True, False

  Easy to access HGIS Manual - tap next to any Menu Item to go to that section.
    Recommended Firefox be installed on Desktops/Laptops. HGIS looks for it.
    (Some Internet Explorer versions have bugs and will not go to correct section)


All features listed above AND...

Full GPS Support:
    Automatically detects NMEA, SIRF, and TSIP GPS Protocols.
    (Does not support GARM Protocol, most Garmin GPS support NMEA).
    Automatically detects Baud Rate (May specify Baud Rate for faster startup).
    GPS can be built-in, plug-in, RS232 Serial, USB-Serial Adapter, Bluetooth
    (see hardware recommendations on supported hardware page).
    One click  "Find GPS" or "Find and Start GPS"
    (Find is great when Windows changes your GPS Port on you.)
    Laptop COM1-COM96, Windows Mobile COM1-COM32
    GPS Altitude (Feet, Meter, Height Above Geoid, Height Above Ellipsoid)
    GPS Summary, Sky View, and Bars (GPS Signal Quality)

    Navigation To Waypoint or Soil Sample Target (Distance and Bearing)
    Left / Right "Light Bar" style Navigation To Waypoint Indicator

GPS Accuracy
    Logs High Accuracy GPS to +/- 1 centimeter resolution
    using the Coordinate Reference System of the DGPS Base Station,
    and the accuracy specification of your DGPS Receiver
       High Accuracy DGPS - RTK (better than 10 Centimeter)
       Medium Accuracy DGPS - Submeter, SBAS (0.5-3 Meter)
       Low Accuracy GPS - example: Car Navigation GPS (4-10 Meter)
GPS Collect Maps - Point, Line, Bounds
    Manual or Automatic data collection.
    Collect by distance or time.
    GPS Backtrack to resume data collection
   View realtime distance and area.

View JPG Images only
    [HGIS PLUS and PRO can open BMP, SID, ECW, JP2, J2K, etc.]


All features listed above AND ...

Advanced Grid Tool (for Soil Sampling)
    Choose Grid Cell Size( Area, length x width )
    Special Grids - Offset Rows, Honeycomb Grids, etc.
    Rotate Grids (and Snap Grid Origin to Point)

Image Files:
    Open 7 Image Formats - JPG, BMP, SID, ECW, JP2, ECWP, DIB
    Open 4 Image Formats on Handheld - ECW, JP2, JPG, BMP
    Save 3 Image Formats (Lossless JP2 recommended, 5X faster on Handheld)
    Download free Landsat 7 images from "ecwp:" image servers.

Edit Map Objects
    Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, ...
    Advanced Edit - Drag, Reshape, Split, Join, Move, ...
    Use Reshape to fix Bow-Tie (Bad) Polygons
    [HGIS PRO can fix Bow-Tie Polygons automatically]

Color Theme Layer
    Color Datasets by value (Equal breakpoints only)
     [HGIS PRO can draw Contour Maps with settable breakpoints]

Bar Code Scanner
    Use Built-in or Bluetooth Bar Code Scanner if hardware supports it.

Print Maps (Print not supported on Windows Mobile)
    Print to Printer  (Desktop / Laptop Computer)
    Print to File (JPG with JGC georeference)
    Print to File (PDF with downloadable free PDF995 print driver.)


All features listed above AND...

SensorTrack(tm) Geophysical Sensor Data Collection
    Log up to 16 GeoPhysical Sensors (depending on hardware)
    Log up to 50 records per second (depending on sensor and hardware)
    Interpolates GPS Position if Sensor rate faster than GPS rate
    (Test your specific hardware, some hardware may be too slow.)
Greatest Circle Tool
    Estimate Center Pivot Center, Area, and End Gun

Join Many Boundary Objects at once
    If many objects are selected, they are joined in groups of five
    (Example progression to create one object - 100-20-4-1 )

Advanced Split Boundary Object
    Split by Area (Piecut, Field Edge, etc.)
    Split by Percent (Piecut, Field Edge, etc.)

Image To Point Layer
    Use in creating Contour Maps to create "sample" layer from image.

Clean Up Objects
    Delete stray nodes (Bow Ties, Duplicate nodes,)

New Text Layer (from another Layer)
    (future versions may not support this menu item)

Contour Map
    Draw Contour maps from images or sensor data.
    Equal Area or user breakpoints (e.g. Bushels/Acre 50,100,150,...)

Theme Histogram Legend for Themes and Contour maps

Desktop License

All the features listed above, without the GPS, great for Computer Labs.
No Field Computer - Windows 7, Vista, and XP Only
Only 1 User / 1 Computer license.
For Classroom Use, or where user needs additional desktop computer.
Allows Simulate GPS, so you can learn HGIS before you go to the field.

Consult the documentation for your other software
 to fully understand the process to
 import/export files with your other software.

MapInfo MIF Files (MapInfo Version 300)
   HGIS only supports Point, Line, Boundary, and Text objects.
MapInfo supports additional object types (such as ellipse).
HGIS imports MIF files from MapInfo only in WGS84 Lat/Lon.
(Export MIF files from MapInfo in this Projection.)

ESRI SHP Files (ESRI Definition)
HGIS will import most SHP+DBF+PRJ files from ESRI ArcView.
HGIS does not import Albers or Lambert Conic Projections.
Recommend saving SHP files in WGS84 Lat/Lon,
or saving in a file set which includes PRJ file.

"Poly-Poly" Objects
HGIS supports Poly-Polyline and Poly-Polygon ("donut" or interior boundary)
objects correctly with both MapInfo and ESRI.  Some GIS Applications may not
support "Poly-Poly".  For example, a pond inside a field may show correctly
 in HGIS/MapInfo/ArcView and incorrectly in some Ag Software.
Consult your Ag software documentation for complete details.

If you need basic computer skills, your local community college
or city offers computer courses at low cost.
For special training in GPS Mapping, please contact
one of our HGIS dealers who offers training.
Some will travel to your site, or you can travel to their site.
Basic mapping skills can be learned in 1/2 to 1 day,
depending on your specific GPS mapping job.
< Find an Authorized HGIS Dealer >

*Training is not included in Technical Support.

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