Is It Legal?


Unlicensed and illegal HGIS usage costs you in support available for your own HGIS problems. All HGIS licenses are “Single User - 2 Computer”. This means “1 user with 2 computers under that person's control” This does not mean sharing your unlock codes with your brother-in-law, your employee, your son, your boss, your neighbor, etc.

Only one computer may be in use with HGIS at one time per license.  You may loan a computer out for a job if you keep your second computer secure AND not use it while the first one is loaned out (you also may not rent it). NEVER give anyone your unlock code or your HGIS support code. Keep your codes to yourself. If you give your unlock code to a co-worker; and they use that code to activate another computer, or they contact support for any reason; YOU can lose your HGIS license. ONE SINGLE USER is responsible for securing all codes, contacting support, and uninstalling HGIS when the computer is removed from service and replaced.  Keeping your codes secure is the only way you can certify that you are complying with your HGIS license terms.


HGIS License Activation Server

The HGIS License Activation Server tracks all computers running HGIS. Every computer contains a unique serial number (called a GUID).  HGIS generates a unique “Machine ID” from this serial number.  The HGIS License Activation Server generates an unlock code (key) only for that computer. Once an Activation key is created, it cannot be un-created. That Activation Code can run HGIS on that computer until something is upgraded (upgrading could change the GUID, and therefore change the key). [Some Pocket PC 2003 computers can change the GUID when the battery ran down. Microsoft fixed this problem in all versions of Windows Mobile 5 and later. ]

 The HGIS License Activation Server allows 2 computers to be activated per license; and even allows for 1 computer to be replaced every year. There are an absolute maximum number of activations per license( > 6 over 5 years).  If the HGIS License Activation Server reports “Too many computers”, you (or someone else) created unlock Activation Codes (keys) for an excessive number of computers. For a fee, we will research your license history and tell you how much it will cost to add additional activations.

Some companies use “floating license servers” to track users. Floating licenses work when all users are on the same network all the time. Field HGIS users are NOT usually on a network when they are in the field; there is no way for a floating license server to track users in the field.  Another type of license key is a pass-around "token"; the problem with tokens is when your computer dies, you can't pass your license to another computer.  We use a “Serial Number Key” to license HGIS which allows field HGIS work without a network, and allows for a dead or stolen computer to be replaced; or allows a "Hot Backup Computer"(2nd computer is spare, not in use, but ready to go). Serial Number Keys are used with HGIS are because "Mission Critical" applications require minimum down time. The difficulty with Serial Number Keys is that they allow users to violate license terms and activate too many computers at times.

I got this old computer with HGIS on it; can I transfer the license?

Most of the time, someone else has already activated a replacement computer.  There could be several old computers lying around your shop with HGIS installed on them.  These are unlicensed computers.  (To remove an HGIS Activation from a computer, go to Help...About...Erase Registration...)  When multiple users contact us for support under one license, we find out about these unlicensed computers; and will terminate that HGIS license for all users.  ONLY, if the original user has left the company, AND they didn’t take the license with them, AND you are the only current user, THEN you may purchase an HGIS license transfer to your name for a fee (currently US$199).


HGIS Support and Training

Users without a legal license or even an annual support contract improperly contact us asking for support.  You receive one year of support with each HGIS license purchased (2 hours maximum). And legally licensed users may purchase an Annual Support Agreement on our Google Checkout page each year.  Then you receive a support phone number. When you contact us, please have your Unlock Code ready (If the license is over 1 year old, we ask for your Google Transaction # where you purchased HGIS support as well)..

Training is priced separately and purchased directly from HGIS dealers. If your question starts with "How do I ..." it is often a training question, please check your documentation for the answer to your question (Tap the "?" next to any menu to go to the section of the Manual for that item.)

EMAIL Support
Users without an Annual Support Agreement are supported by email as time allows (may take a day or so).  By purchasing support you allow us to provide you with quicker and a higher level of support by phone (up to 2 hours per year). We only support hardware or software purchased from us. Please don't ask about MapInfo, ActiveSync, or that GPS you purchased on ebay;  we don't know the answer. [In the past, some have thought support meant anything from how to make a Corn Maze to how to change their Printer Cartridge.] For email support:

Is It Legal?

If you don’t know the full history of your license or computer, the answer is likely NO.  If the license was grossly violated, we may have terminated the license.  Someone else may still be using the license (at your company or another company).  If the license has not been terminated for improper usage, we may offer you an Authentic Copy of HGIS at a discounted price.

Email us your unlock code, we will research your code; and tell you the cost for an Authentic Copy of HGIS with support. You may receive a discounted price, and receive quicker and better support.  Everyone wins.