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You are licensed to use the Unlock Codes purchased by you.  The manufacturer retains ownership of all software, documentation, data, and other content provided. If your license permits GPS usage, one user may install on a main and 2nd computer under his/her personal control.  Two or more computers may not be used with the software at the same time. Where there are multiple users(e.g. classroom), the first user is responsible for safeguarding these license codes and preventing their release. PROVIDING COPIES OF PURCHASED LICENSE REGISTRATION CODES TO  IS SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL AND CIVIL PENALTIES. YOU MAY NOT DISASSEMBLE, UNLOCK THE SOFTWARE, OR DISTRIBUTE LICENSE CODES. This Web Server logs all computers using these codes, and limits the total number of computers to be Activated.   YOU AGREE THAT VIOLATION OF THESE LICENSE TERMS MAY RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF YOUR RIGHTS TO ACTIVATE THIS SOFTWARE ON ADDITIONAL COMPUTERS.

NOT LICENSED FOR HAZARD AVOIDANCE.  ACCURACY IS NOT WARRANTED.  GPS must not be used as the single source for navigation. Operation of this software is not guaranteed to be uninterrupted or error free. Maximum liability is the purchase price of the software. You may copy the software. You may not rent or lease this software. (HGIS GPS PRO with SensorTrack may be leased as an integral component of a SensorTrack Data Collection System which includes GPS, Hardware Geophysical Sensors AND where you have a separate PRO license for each system offered for lease AND you provide all support to the leasee AND you indemnify the manufacturer for such use.)  Contains proprietary material that remains the property of StarPal, Inc.

The software is warranted to operate substantially as described for a period of 1 year from date license codes are first activated.  Free support and downloadable updates are available to the first user for 1 year from date of first Activation. If the first user ceases using this license within the first year, one time only, activated computers may be transferred to a subsequent user free of charge. After the first license transfer, or after one year (whichever comes first), a fee of US$199 is charged each time a license is transferred from one user to another user.

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